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Xapontic Set – 5 Handmade Soaps of 2.82 Oz (Mint, Honey-Oats, Coconut-Vanilla, Rosemary, Cocoa)

Xapontic Set – 5 Handmade Soaps of 2.82 Oz (Mint, Honey-Oats, Coconut-Vanilla, Rosemary, Cocoa)

Price: $22.00
(as of Jul 24,2021 01:04:15 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Logo XaponticLogo Xapontic

Xapontic productorasXapontic productoras


We work for Lekil Kuxlejalil. In Spanish it means “good living”, on an axis in the Tseltal worldview and is based on harmony with Mother Earth, family and work.

Xapontic. It is part of the beauty ritual

Xapontic productorasXapontic productoras

“In the coop we work to develop the formula skills, to try to understand how the market Works and how we all are linked in between producers and consumers, so that we know the shortcuts to divesify our products”

Secado de materia

Secado de materia

Making process

Making process

Final soap

Final soap

Rosemary drying!

So, here we are, as part of the beginning of the process after the rosemary was harvested. We dry the natural ingredients, some of them cultivated in our communities, to prepare them for the mix with the rest of the ingredients.

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Here you can see Manuela and her sister working together

In the look of the mix!

After we mix all the ingredients, we do care and keep moving the mix to generate the homogeneous mixture to easily place in the molds and get the shape of the soap.

A photo you can smell!

What will happen when technology will allow us to smell pictures?

Here they are, the soaps ready to use. Mainly for your hands and usually for the rest of your body.

Thank you for being the last part in the full business cycle!

🍯🐝 All our soaps contain honey and organic wax, providing their hydrating and antioxidant properties.
💜 Our soap complements a beauty ritual in which we give ourselves a moment to nourish our body, spirit and heart.
💪🏽 Xapontic is part of the Yomol A’tel group, a group of Social and Solidarity Economy companies, together we build a fairer and more inclusive economic alternative.

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