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TinkTac, Temporary Tattoo Kit, Freehand Ink (Four Bottles) in Three Colors (Black/Black/Brown/ Red) with 82 Pcs Tattoo Stencils, Fake Tattoos, Henna Tattoo Kit Alternative

TinkTac, Temporary Tattoo Kit, Freehand Ink (Four Bottles) in Three Colors (Black/Black/Brown/ Red) with 82 Pcs Tattoo Stencils, Fake Tattoos, Henna Tattoo Kit Alternative

Price: $15.99
(as of Jul 24,2021 01:41:55 UTC – Details)

This is a temporary tattoo kit containing all the materials needed for DIY tattoos. In the kit, there are four bottles of ink in black, black, brown and red, 82 tattoo stencil designs sized from 0.98 in x 1.02 in to 3.46in x 3.46in, 8 pcs cotton swabs and an instruction that guides you through the tattooing process. Instruction: 1.Wash the area you want to tattoo with soap and warm water and then dry it. 2.Select a stencil and apply it to the area cleaned. Pat the stencil to make sure it sticks tightly to your skin. 3.Squeeze the ink over the cutouts of the stencil and use a cotton swab to spread the ink evenly over the skin. 4.In a few minutes press a tissue or paper towel against the stencil to soak up (not to rub) the ink; Or wait longer (thirty or more minutes) for the ink to air-dry. 5.Peel off the stencil to get the result. Tips & Warning: Dead skin and grease may affect the final results, better to clean them up before tattooing. A Wrinkled stencil and gaps between the stencil and your skin could prevent you from getting a clear-cut tattoo, so be sure that the stencil sticks seamlessly to your skin and try not to wiggle too much while tattooing. The thickness of the ink layer and the time you allow for the ink to leave on your skin determine how dark the result is. Usually, the thicker and the longer, the darker. Results gotten from the soaking-up method usually last longer than those from air-drying. Be careful with the ink. It stains fast and stays for some time. If you accidentally smear other areas of your skin with the ink, remove it with hand sanitizer or alcohol pad. We suggest doing a test before using to avoid allergy. If you have any questions regarding the usage of this kit, feel free to contact us.

Easy: This set makes tattooing as easy as pie. With only a bottle of ink, a stencil and a cotton swab, you can get tattooed by yourself at home. The whole process can take as short as in minutes.
Widely applicable: It caters to the needs of a variety of people. For artists, the design of the bottle is favorable to do freehands. For those who don’t think they are artistic enough, there are stencils/templates to help them.
Temporary: Lasting 4-8 days, it especially suits the needs of those who cannot or are not ready for a permanent tattoo. This allows you to try as many designs as you like in a much affordable way without worrying about permanency.
Safe: Made of safe ingredients, it does no harm to the skin or body.
Painless: Instead of inserting the ink with needles, the ink stains the skin naturally with no pain
Waterproof: The results are water-proof and not reflective, looking like real tattoos.
Fun: This gives you something to do with families and friends. You can also use it as a gift.

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