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Jade Roller, Powder Crystal Roller Facial Massager Tool for Face Lift Cheeks Slimmer Anti-Wrinkles Skin Tightening Eye Bags Anti-Aging (Green)

Jade Roller, Powder Crystal Roller Facial Massager Tool for Face Lift Cheeks Slimmer Anti-Wrinkles Skin Tightening Eye Bags Anti-Aging (Green)

Price: $6.69
(as of Aug 03,2021 05:31:24 UTC – Details)

Why Choose Semme Jade Roller Massage Tool ? 
1.Reduce facial tension and improve skin elasticity, fit for facial structure; 
2.Great for relieving tension and headaches and helps with puffiness in the face;
3. Help Oils and Creams Penetrate Skin, Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles line;

How to use?
Face Area: should be massaged from bottom to top
Forehead: should be massaged from the bottom up
The eyebrows: should be massaged from the inside of the eyebrows
Nasal Sides: should be massaged from the inside of the eye to the nose
Mouth: Around the mouth should be massaged from the midpoint to the sides
Chin: massage from the center to the sides

Condition: 100% Brand New 
Item Type: Face Roller
Material: Jade
Size: Approx.11 x 5.8cm/4.3 x 2.3inch

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Package List:
1 x Face Roller

1.Due to the nature of the natural jade stone, each piece varies in color – from very pale to darker green to opaque and translucent. Please take great care when handling the roller. The roller is handmade and delicate. 
2.Please be gentle during your usage, and clean it with lukewarm water, then dry thoroughly naturally before store  to Keep the facial massager clean. 

✅EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Meet environmental standards,the Original Jade Stone, with Environmentally friendly iron holders of gold color for stronger holding and smoothly rolling, massage your face, reduce facial tension and improve skin elasticity. Our roller is an easy to use, conform to ergonomic design, the handle is easy to grip, product with scraping tool as an addition to your beauty needs.
✅VERSATILE CONVENIENCE: Massaging your face with a jade roller,especially along your brow and neck,which helps to fade fine lines, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, iron out these wrinkles, make the skin smooth. The relaxing properties of a jade roller promote facial area or other body area circulation, increases collagen production and skin elasticity, prevent fine lines, keep skin in healthy condition,make you more relax.
✅CORRECT USAGE: Applying oils to skin after cleansing and toning your face. And then move the jade roller gently over your forehead, cheek, neck area. Massage to promote better absorption of cream, massage around your body area with this roller from center away, slowly and gently. It could help to relax your eye, massage the skin around eye, reduce swelling, pouch and dark circles.
✅ANTI-AGING: The gentle massaging motion stimulates the circulatory system throughout your face. The jade roller helps to stimulate the circulatory and get your bodily fluids moving in all the right directions. It can exits the toxins and waste, helps glowing complexion, reduce swelling, eye bags and dark circles, make you look more energetic.
✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Semme strive to offer the best product and service to you. If there are any problems that are not satisfactory with you, please contact us right away, our friendly customer service team will work hard to put a smile back on your face.

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