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100% Natural Jade Face Roller/Anti Aging Jade Stone Massager for Face & Eye Massage – Make Your Face Skin Smoother and Looks Younger

100% Natural Jade Face Roller/Anti Aging Jade Stone Massager for Face & Eye Massage – Make Your Face Skin Smoother and Looks Younger

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Product Description


About facials: even the fanciest, creamiest at-home masks fail to mimic the spa-induced euphoria you feel after a treatment.

There is, however, a little tool that imitates the sensation of an aesthetician’s cold hands massaging your skin: the jade roller.

Our Bulex face jade roller made from original natural jade stone.

It has two ends: one containing a larger sized stone (intended for the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck) and one containing a smaller stone (for the under eyes.)

What Does It Do?

In a nutshell, the roller helps eliminate puffiness—and there’s actually science behind how it works. The roller massages the lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs just below the skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste.

“Our face, just like our bodies, can store excess water and be sluggish in the removal of toxins,” explains Dr. Lamees Hamdan, the founder of Shiffa, a luxury skincare line from Dubai. “Massaging the lymphatic system is key to helping our face move the excess water, which causes the puffiness. When lymph is flowing freely in the face, you’ll have clearer, healthier skin without a buildup of toxins and fluids.”




Function – helps eliminate puffiness, massages the lymphatic system, helps to rid the body of toxins and waste.

Material – original natural jade stone

Package – 1Pack jade roller

Package type: gift package

How Do You Use It?

First things first: it should always be used on clean, moisturized skin. Dr. Hamdan recommends starting from your clavicle, then moving to the jawline and neck, followed by the nose, lips, chin, forehead, and finally, ending with the eyes. Also, it’s important to remember that rolling should be done in an “upward and outward” direction.








Start beneath the clavicle in a downward

motion starting from the midlineoutwards,

the above the clavicle, midline outwards.

Jaw line and Neck

Perform a sweeping roll under the chin towards the

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collar bone working outwards to the sides of the neck.

Starting on the chin, work from the center outward and upward on the cheeks.

Nose, Lips, and Chin

Using the large roller, work from the nose out to the ear.

Continue with lipper lip, lower lip and the chin.

At the chin, follow along the lower jaw line to under the ear lobe. Repeat on other side.






Using the large roller begin rolling from center of hairline towards temples on right side then left side.

Repeat 3-6 times.


Using the small roller, gently work around the eye area by rolling from the corner of the eye to the ear with the small roller.

Reduce dark under eyes puffiness, better skin and health through natural Jade stones without any chemicals or irritants. Also, it promotes blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. After using for a couple of days, your face will be less puffy, feel less tense, look more tightly.
100% NATURAL JADE STONES New Skins Jade Rollers were made from 100% jade stone that came directly from the Great Himalaya range, the purest jade stone that cannot be found elsewhere.
Jade Roller has been known as an ancient anti-aging tool in China that can make your face skin smoother and looks younger.
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